Creative pieces Hannah worked on while earning her Master’s degree in Transformative Healing Arts.

4/21 Universal Flow for Transpersonal Psych/Eco Psych

It’s as if someone left a portal ajar and the rays are spilling through and washing over me, and why would I not want to share the beauty that gushes forth into this reality….. I can see more clearly illuminated by this glow and what a relief it is to be in the flow. Wherever I cast my eyes I can see it is awash in glory that was never undone, only obscured and perhaps misinformed. I love to be in this state of integration as if my splinters are laminated into an intricate pattern of colors and textures, that when you view them together hold an extraordinary hue, a color with no name but your heart aches for it just the same. Loving this way of writing, I feel my tongue tingle as if I am speaking. I feel my ears burning as if the truth being whispered can not come quickly enough. Perhaps because it has been waiting behind the dam of my doubt but it longs to rush forth and to bounce off my tongue and back into the ether from whence it came. Flow for the sake of flow, loving its vibrance and vitality and crystalline liquid viscosity. There seems to be no end to the words, just the joy of placing them near one another in order to fit perfectly the puzzle of what I am meant to be doing in this moment, so I can experience what it is like to know my calling and be exactly where I ought to be in this moment in time. I have a place, I have meaning, I have a relationship to all that is occurring around me without being swept into it or devoured by its hungry swirling eddies. And peace is perceived in the eye of a “perfect storm”. I am loving you all, just so you know, I am learning to navigate my humanity in such a way that I can align with the right relationships in the right timing in order to feel that I belong on this living and dying planet as a living and dying being of fantastic light and love and bliss. I can see something better on the horizon, I can see us riding off into the sunset to chase the sun to the drawing of a new day that brings us all into alignment with the truth of who we are in a way that we have yet to experience. I can see us vibrating each at our own unique frequency in order to construct a phenomenal harmony which ears have never heard. When we come to align with our own desires and those of the planetary genome we inhabit we will be glorious in our very existence, beyond anything we say or do. In fact, we already are glorious. I wish I could show you what this sounds like. I will do my best to tune into the potential that pulls us toward it like a current in an eternal river whose power cannot be denied, because it is and always has been flowing into other giant rivers that convolve into a giant coursing system of support for the body of the earth as she spins on her axis a dance that is evolving every second inclusive of every single spec of matter held close to her bosom and beating heart, and dearly so. No one is excluded because we are all one organism, one beating heart at the breast of a mama that has given freely all of her being to her little eath-lings. As she dries up she may be pushing us away from the teat, in order to rest and recover from the overgrown earthlets we have become. We are entering a stage of maturity where we may be venturing out on our own some and taking responsibility for our own wanderings in the world, for our ways of relating to the earth-ma, in order to acknowledge the sustenance and undying devotion she has shown us. The time has come to begin to give back to the mother to learn from her abundance and flow and allow it to come back around, as the life force that she freely gives creates a circuit that revitalizes her in this state of depletion, and supports her in the very same way she supports us. With unconditional loving and care and the nurture. To listen to her and to sit with her we will know our next steps–each person. Our individual relationship to the planet does matter and we can tend to that by spending time in communion and connected to the source of our life force. We are sunlight re-manufactured through the beings we consume which are a part of her too, so to recognize all of those relations is to recognize her for her undying love and presence in our lives. We do none of this alone, we are in fact the collaboration of many more than we are one, but it is one in the same because we act as a singularity that is affecting the whole so we are both. Indeed it is glorious to take part in such multi-faceted existence, in a complex system, and to tune our symbiosis to the organisms we directly affect and benefit from. Acknowledging this and bringing consciousness to the roles of the many lives we intertwine is bringing a vibrance to the collective as we continue to know ourselves as one and the many we reside with. It is not anything fleeting, but we have lost track of our place in the natural world, due to the illusion of separation that has left us feeling lonely. We have the chance to tend to our primary relationship with earth mama, and that will enhance our relating to every other being in our living breathing universe. This is a chance that we ought to take white the portal is still ajar. Go out and lay on your belly on the earth, let her hold you, feel how she has always been there, as long as you live she will be holding you up, and feeding you and frankly we can’t live without her. Be with her, talk to her, show her you love her by making the choices that support her and her well being. Don’t let her wither from neglect and abuse. Lets engage with the utmost respect and care by being the most loving earth-lings yet.