–KM, Boulder Colorado

“I recently had a session with Hannah and plan to have more…  Starting from a safe place together we went on a deep dive into an emotional experience of mine that allowed me to get truly connected to and closer understanding my painful feelings and reactions than ever before.  I wasn’t able to stick with them for long, but I feel that with more time with Hannah and working on what I’ve learned, I will hopefully be able to embody my whole self.  The connection and grounding that I was able to glimpse and start incorporating into my life and practice are priceless gifts.

Thanks again and may we continue.”

– H E | Calgary, AB Canada

“I am so grateful to be working with Hannah. She has a maternal nature and has an intensely kind/calm demeanour. She is wise beyond her years and she will make you feel immediately at ease upon meeting her. I love how she is completely present and attuned emotionally while facilitating the CP process. She is attentive and creative during the process as well, offering unlimited guidance through out her time with you. Hannah brings much more than just CP to her sessions, she brings in the connection of spirit, helping to ground and create a safe space during the process. She is absolutely genuine in her validating and she encourages one to make time to really hone in the visceral experience that one goes through during a CP session. I would highly recommend Hannah as a practitioner, to hold space for you, to validate you and to overall create a safe environment in order to deepen your healing process.

Thank you Hannah for all that you do, you are no doubt helping to create a better world with the work and passion that you have.”